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Frequently asked questions about our company and production

Frequently asked questions about hygiene

Can food packaging affect the composition of the product?

  • Of course not! Our packaging not only does not change the composition of your products, but also protects them from external influences.
I see different symbols and signs on the packaging, what do they mean?

The symbols and signs on the packaging reflect different meanings. Here, the product is non-toxic, recyclable, storage conditions, which certifications and tests it has passed, etc. such information is included.

How the packaging process continues?

If the packaging is for food, the dimensions and design of the packaging are selected. After the selected design is confirmed, it is sent for mold preparation. The finished mold is taken to production. After the raw material passes quality control, the printing process begins. The finished packaging is delivered to the customer in the form of rolls.

Is it possible to order online?

Of course, it is possible. Our sales team will help you with online orders.

Is delivery possible?

Local and international delivery is possible within the agreed conditions.

What is the minimum warranty period?

The delivery time for each order is different.

Our sales directions

As "Fin-Plast International" LLC, we currently operate in the market of Azerbaijan and Georgia.