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Packaging that makes tomorrow worth it!

Why "Fin-Plast International" LLC?

Niyə məhz "Fin-Plast İnternational" MMC ?

As "Fin-Plast International" LLC, our preferred business principles distinguish us as a company from others


Fast and constant development, to be the "best" in all areas of our activities.
Giving value to society, people, the future, taking the human factor as the basis.
To uphold the principles of statehood, the policy of the head of the country, not to remain insensitive to the positive and negative events happening in our country and the world.
To win the favor of consumers with the quality of the products we produce.


We closely monitor the innovations in the world of packaging. With our strong and professional research team, we work to provide the best packaging solutions to our customers.


Since the day our company was established, we have always strived for development, worked with world-class companies, and brought innovations in the world of packaging to our production.

Bright future

With high-quality technological equipment, cooperation with world-famous companies, quality raw materials and our professional team, we are moving forward with sure steps towards development together with you.

Qablaşdırma özəllikləri

We produce various packaging products designed for different purposes.


It allows air to escape

Anti Fog

Prevents evaporation.

Easy Opening

Opening along a line from the place with cut marks


As Fin-Plast International, we attach importance to the quality of our products first. Thus, every job we do brings us a new experience. When years of professionalism and the use of quality raw materials are combined, great results are achieved. To send off all customers, from small to large, with the same satisfaction is at the forefront of our business principles.

To a better future together..

One of the principles of the company is to entrust healthy tomorrows to the future generations, to take care of the ecological condition of the environment. For this purpose, the latest technological innovations - air filters, cleaning devices - have been involved in the production.

​Frequently asked questions
Questions about us
Frequently asked questions about hygiene

Can food packaging affect the composition of the product?

  • Of course not! Our packaging not only does not change the composition of your products, but also protects them from external influences.
I see different symbols and signs on the packaging, what do they mean?

The symbols and signs on the packaging reflect different meanings. Here, the product is non-toxic, recyclable, storage conditions, which certifications and tests it has passed, etc. such information is included.

How the packaging process continues?

If the packaging is for food, the dimensions and design of the packaging are selected. After the selected design is confirmed, it is sent for mold preparation. The finished mold is taken to production. After the raw material passes quality control, the printing process begins. The finished packaging is delivered to the customer in the form of rolls.

Is it possible to order online?

Of course, it is possible. Our sales team will help you with online orders.

Is delivery possible?

Local and international delivery is possible within the agreed conditions.

What is the minimum warranty period?

The delivery time for each order is different.

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Join the ranks of our satisfied customers!

Join the ranks of our satisfied customers!

We provide quality products to hundreds of local and foreign customers.


We are always on the agenda with the most interesting offers to the most advanced companies of the sector.